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GospelKeys Master Class Volume 1 Dvd Training Course
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Featuring Micheal Bereal

Product Description

Mike Bereal's GospelKeys Master Class Volume 1 Video Course

In this 3-hour master class series, the legendary Michael Bereal, who has played for just about everyone in the gospel industry (Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Kim Burrell, Judith McAllister, Marvin Sapp, etc), will show you how to spice up various parts of your church service by applying his closely-guarded chords, progressions, "runs," and tricks. By the end of the course, you'll have new and exciting chords and movements to play during worship, praise, shouting, and even "talking" moments of the service.

If you've always wondered how the professionals voice their chords and movements, then you can't afford to miss this master class series!



  • How to multiply your options on the piano so that you never have to play the same identical thing TWICE. This is the difference between a creative, free-flowing musician and a "canned" one.


  • Diversify your sound and learn how to to add tender and delicate undertones to your style! NOTE: Not all songs need a lot of power-punched chords. Many times "less" ends up being a lot "more." Mike will show you when and when not to "punch it!"


  • How to think on a whole different level and quickly and easily play things that will have other musicians literally drooling at the mouth (isn't that what you feel like when you watch Mike's video clip? IMAGINE BEING THAT PERSON ON THE KEYS)...


  • Get contemporary! Now you can spice up your traditional gospel playing with loads of phat chords and placements from one of the hottest gospel musicians on the planet! (Mike has played for Mary Mary, Judith McAllister, Beverly Crawford, Donnie McClurkin, and MANY MORE!)


  • Master tons of arpeggio worship techniques on your right hand that'll have you sounding like a gospel veteran every time you sit down at the piano!


  • Learn the secrets to creating the perfect transitions and lead-ins to the next phase of the church service no matter what you're currently playing! NOTE: It is imperative that you master this as there can be a huge burden on you to effectively carry the worship service from one area to the next.


  • Incorporate Mike's "roll-over" method into your playing. This unorthodox move will literally turn everyone's head and give your playing that extra flare you've been looking for!


  • How to take songs you've redundantly played for years and drastically improve them so much that they feel foreign to you when you play them (I know it seems hard for a song you've played for 5-10 years to seem new to you but after watching this course, I guarantee you'll experience enthusiastic growth again!)...


  • Decorate your playing with "unexpected" west coast chords and transitions from Mike's personal musical toolbox. From his unique worship techniques to his signature praise song tricks, you'll be able to see it all right over his shoulders!


  • How to be an all-around great player and incorporate a countless number of creative techniques that'll have you sounding like you've been playing for decades (without having to go through years of trial and error like Michael did)...


  • How to incorporate "rumbling" bass techniques with both power and precision. Sometimes, you have to play the bass, a left-hand chord, and a right-hand chord all together. He shows you how to do this effortlessly and when to play the deep, rumbling bass without sacrificing your left hand chords.


  • How to think differently than 80% of musicians out there and how what you already know can quickly and easily be rearranged and manipulated to sound so beautiful, full, and stylish... overnight.


  • Take advantage and adopt the coveted "feel" of a veteran gospel musician who has played for a countless number of platinum gospel artists that have literally sold millions worldwide!


  • NOTE: Developing "feel" is one of the hardest things to do. There is a fine line between merely "playing" and possessing true "FEELING." The feel is the musical core (...a collection of many attributes like how chords are voiced, how soft and hard they're played, what small grace notes are added and where, rhythmic patterns, and much more). How we got Mike to pour out all his secrets, I'm still trying to understand! Be a fly on the wall as Mike shows you everything from worship techniques to high praise and even a real-life song that he breaks down, CHORD-BY-CHORD!


  • Learn from the top musician in the game. Mike explains all of his industry tricks in practical, easy-to-understand ways that'll allow you to see results and make massive musical leaps above the rest in half the time!


  • Learn how to flip boring chords into sweet, contemporary chords by simply using the melody! Knowing random chords is alright but when you have a systematic way to play them under virtually any melody, people actually recognize what you're playing without a vocalist being present.


  • Enhance your worship service with one-of-a-kind, outside-the-box chord progressions and voicings that have been kept among the "inner circle"... until now!


  • Energize people in the church pews by knowing when and how to give the atmosphere your own personal twist that is sure to spice things up!


  • Intensify your playing with both upward and downward chord inversions and force people to believe that you know more chords than you really do by manipulating them several ways.


  • Get access to tons of voicings, left-hand techniques, right-hand triad tricks, "runs," and more... that you can outright claim as your own!


  • Learn the Do's and Don'ts of contemporary urban gospel playing. It's all about placement. Play the right chord the wrong way and you've just changed the mood of the progression (for the worse). Play an unorthodox chord in the right place and you're immediately labeled a "beast" (good thing) by other musicians waiting for you to show them what you just did.


  • Learn the secrets to CONTEMPORIZING any song in just 3 hours! (...with this method, you'll be able to transform all of your traditional gospel classics into contemporary sounding masterpieces)!


  • Learn to seamlessly string multiple chords together and make them sound as if they're virtually flowing from one to the other to produce one beautiful sound! (The RIPPLE EFFECT!)


  • And much much more...


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